Aspen works for Marvel : Ultimate Wolverine

Aspen works for Marvel : Civil War : Fallen Son

Aspen works for Marel : Variant covers

Aspen tworks for DC : Justice League of America

Soulfire has three wings

Soulfire has three wings

    Just as Fathom, Soulfire's gonna have its own spin-off. Called Soulfire Dying of the Light, this new mini will reveal some of the past of the Soulfire Universe, with new characters (Soulfire part of Aspen Season Spring ones). Mike will do covers, Micah Gunnel inside art.
Dying of the light is now over, a new spin off is arriving : Chaos Reign, an even older tale of magic.
And now three! Soulfire New World Order will come soon. Francisco Herrera on board.

Aspen MLT for DC : Justice Ligue of America

After Identity Crisis, Mike comes back on DC with the return of the Justice League of America. From #0 to #7 are already out. Mike only does covers..


Aspen MLT for Marvel : Variant covers

Wolverine Origins, Black Panther, Ms Marvel, Hulk, Onslaught, X-Men, and probably many others, got, or will have, their Turner cover.
Now you can ad Fantastic Four, Namor.

Aspen MLT for Marvel : Civil War : Fallen son

As for Identity Crisis, Mike's now on Marvel's Civil War, doing covers. Only covers, only variant covers. Normal variant cover with a 1 on 20 (around) ratio, sketch variant as of... extremely rare.
Civil ended with 7 parts. But it needed some explanations. They'll come with the new 5 parts series : Fallen son. Turner cover in a 50/50 ratio, with another artist, different for the 5 issues.


Aspen MLT for Marvel : Ultimate Wolverine

More than probably the next work of Mike for Marvel. Covers AND interior art!